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Building Societies have been a part of our global financial services since 1774 when they were first instituted in the United Kingdom. Building Societies globally have consistently provided a stable structure to provide a range of financial services to their members. Pacific Eagle Capital (PEC), established in 2007, is no ordinary building society as we strive to assist our members to reach their corporate goals. We has assisted our members for more than a decade in building their businesses with our financial and marketing savvy team. PEC also develops trade relationships worldwide via our global networks of Authorised Representatives (ARs) and specialized platforms. Our world is growing rapidly as demand and supply within the international markets have grown exponentially with the growth in our world’s population.

building society is a financial institution owned by its members as a mutual organization. Building societies offer banking and related financial services, especially savings and mortgage lending. These institutions are found in the United Kingdom (UK) and several other countries.

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About Us

Beginning in 2015 we began providing expertise and consulting in the arena of taking companies to Public Markets which was a successful listing and PEC was instrumental in helping them raise millions of USD. Additionally we have matched capital requirements of these expanding entities with prospective investors.

Our positive and proven track record through good times and bad speaks for itself. Pacific Eagle Capital is committed to upholding this tradition of providing financial services that benefit our members in the global financial markets. Pacific Eagle Capital after many 1000s of transactions in the last 9 years has only had less than 0.1% in deals that didn’t go the plan for Pacific Eagle Capital, this is a very low percentage and speaks for its self.
Pacific Eagle Capital has since the middle of 2015 been building its close ties to Asia’s large investment houses that have very large assets in their portfolios and have been supporting Pacific Eagle Capital to increase their underwriting of Pacific Eagle Capital instrument. The newly established surety bonding insurance relationships to underwrite Pacific Eagle Capital’s trade finance and other instruments has now been granted to a value no less than 700 Million USD which adds a very strong rated security for those members who may require the added security in their business or trade.

Pacific Eagle Capital is also looking to expand and move its key business to the Asia Pacific region in the next 24 months which will make its business more assessable to its international members, who don’t travel to New Zealand. Pacific Eagle Capital is now also currently working on a new listing for an asset management group in Asia who hold assets of in-excess of 33 Billion USD. This has lead Pacific Eagle Capital to only deal with high net wealth groups, institutions and international corporations and the need to deal with the public at large is no longer a business model the board of directors intends to continue.

The future success for Pacific Eagle Capital will be in its ability to maintain its RMAs with banks and other financial institutions which now Pacific Eagle Capital is proud to hold around 300 in over 50 countries worldwide.

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